23 Years w/These Fab Peeps

Hard to believe I have been cranking out crazy fun images for Penn State Theatre for this long. This one from the birdseye view is one of the most technical images to pull off and one of my favs. We drained the fountain. No small feat at a major research 1 university. Then we filled it with a few hundred blue and white balloons to imitate water. #GOSTATE. Then we added a few hundred highly spirited beautiful humans. And boom.

OK, so there was also several field visits, hours of planning, the building of an outrigger deck of a lift, time setting up the exact position of an articulating lift, chalk outlining, test lighting, 6 assistants managing the flow of all folks on camera, a crazy cool DJ keeping the vibe going and all of 1 minute getting the image.

And there are dozens of others just like this image above, but totally different.