Humbled and honored.


Anyone who runs toward danger is special.


The title says it all.


Honored to receive distinction.


These good folks are keepers of history.


Hanley Ramirez was our talent for the day.


I love collaborating w/ students.

Building A Chief

When Rick Miller, President of ATT World-Wide called me personally to develop a brand, I got busy.

Work Balance

We spend so much time making images of others...

Such A Great Book

HPH has many working parts from the granular science of health, to astonishing 3D illustrations, to in-depth interviews, to a manageable diet, to an easy how-to-cookbook.

Thanks Everyone

We kept getting requests for quick in-and-out headshots

So Much Going on Here

Just like you were are glad to be back in full force both in the studio and on the road.

You Can Say It

We never in our wildest dreams imaged that the series would be so popular

A Gentleman Light Dimmed

I would hear him tell me stories of law over the years, his son's accomplishments, and his vision for a peaceful democracy.

OK Lara. Let’s Go

Checkout one of the newest up and coming power houses in the Central PA realestate market.

She Is So Fly

And filled the studio with her incredible energy.

Best of Luck Young Bull


Let’s Go Jennifer

Always a pleasure with Dr. Jennifer Walden


It has been read over 10,000 times from over 66 countries.

The Coolest Kids

This brother and sister duo are the coolest kids I've ever met, and nonetheless had in front of a lens.

This Girl Is On Fire

Melissa the Axe is no joke... If I ever need a bodyguard I know who's first on my list.

Pay It Forward

We at BLACK SUN studio LOVE paying it forward. Every year we find (or they find us) 2-3 causes to which we can contribute our...

PA to CO to PA

It’s always nice taking a top-notch engineering firm and helping translate the good folks behind all their work. That’s exactly what we recently did with...


Sometimes it’s best to say nothing. Introducing Katia an Italian actress, model, and goddess on a quick US trip for whom I am thankful that...

Gratitude for the SCPD

I know many officers who are excellent people and have made a choice to risk their lives for ours.

Grillin’ N Chillin’

From conceptualizing to manufacturing of the grill stones to recipe development to cooking... this project was fun

Always Interesting

Every cover and feature I have the opportunity to shoot for The Centre Foundation (CF) is just as interesting and rewarding as the last. This...

Loads of Fun

Super fun project, a fab team, and a great client.

23 Years w/These Fab Peeps

This one from the birdseye view is one of the most technical images to pull off and one of my favs.

Back to Nature

When not behind a camera, design consumes me. And it was a pleasure to design a few covers for Nature. Nuff said. ###

shoot the ones you love

I don’t think I need to explain anything here except… love who you shoot, and shoot who you love. ###

Williams Is BADASS

Based in Normal OK, Shevaun is a prolific, fashion, portrait, and travel photographer.

BAP Vinaigrette

Happy to share my BADASS Pomegranate aka BAP Vinaigrette

Run/Sleep Phones

Nice to see sleepphones and runphones beginning to roll out the images we shot for them and their very cool headphones. We’ve been cranking out...

Freedom Trail

Super grateful to have been on the road in Alabama for a week with a bunch of young change-makers. These young cats were selected from...

Kudos to Evian

Hats off to Evian for footing the bill for simply amazing vision, skill, production and attention to quality!

Johnny Cash Project

Every once in a while I come across some impressive work and I can't say enough

Simon & Schuster

Amy had great intuition and endurance not to mention the camera simply loved her.


I was recently contracted for a rare and coveted opportunity to shoot images on various SHELL natural gas rigs.

Mural Goes Up At Nuclear Reactor Lab

There is approximately 71 thousand gallons of swirling water in the reactor, so getting the clarity in this image took a trick or two, but at time of capture and not in photoshop

Thinking Outside The Signage

Brilliant. A job well done by ANAR Foundation for allowing thinking outside the box.


Here’s a poster I designed for an entry into the New York International Film Festival [NYCIFF].  This is an original Jesse David Harris film featuring sculpturist...


It’s a no-brainer to help the Jana Marie Foundation by collaborating with them to make a suite of new branding images. Props to Herbert Reininger...

Window Treatment for Boulud’s DBGB

Just a bit ago, I got a call from prestigious restaurateur Daniel Boulud’s office inquiring about one of my jazz images [check out my gallery...

Black Sun Studio – Sleek Design

State College, PA- Black Sun, a commercial arts studio specializing in high-end digital and film photography, has moved its operations into The L•A•B•B•, a new...

SMOKE – Menu

Just completed shooting the food of SMOKE, a NYC premier jazz club of Paul Stache and Frank Christopher with a restaurant overseen by executive chef...


Brenda Watson’s Heart of Perfect Health (HPH) went live via a PBS special in nearly every TV market in the US this past weekend. The...

Al Vinjamur Solo show

BIG kudos to friend Al Vinjamur [hard to describe in a word a dude who is bright, passionate, talented, driven, and generous] who had his...

BADASS Inaugural Season

What else can we say? It was, is, and always will be BADASS. ###

HPH Recipes

‘Tooting a horn about section 3 – meal planner and recipes in Brenda Watson’s Heart of Perfect Health. I can honestly say that they were...

Firing Up The Grill

Even though I grill year-round, this past weekend felt like the inaugural grill weekend.  With a break after nearly 6 straight weeks of rain, the...

Big Stainless

Recently I shot big stainless jacketed kettles and processing equipment that is used primarily in the pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics industries. These kettles can be...

Pennsylvania Cactus

Odd as it may seem, but this time every year the cactus that we have growing around the studio blooms with hundreds of flowers like...

WIN a Mt. Nittany Print!

In honor of kicking off the official BLACK SUN facebook fan page, I am giving away one limited-numbered edition print of Mt. Nittany. This is...

Spring Finally

Yes, we are all so glad Spring is finally here at the studio. Trees are blooming, cross breezes are cool and sweet, the light is...

Down Time with My Posse

Spent some quality down time with my posse and favorite people in the city where I lived and went to grad school (the first time)...

Amy Wechsler

It’s been a few years since being commissioned by Simon Schuster to shoot the cover of The Mind Beauty Connection, Dr. Amy Wechsler’s book about...

Casting Call for Runners

RUNNERS NEEDED Description: We are looking to hire 4-6 male and female runners in their 20s-30s [young 40’s too] for a photo shoot.  Various body...

Somewhere in the DIA

A city with an amazing appreciation and expression of art, despite its current troubles. Hats off to the Detroit Museum of Art a.k.a. DIA for...

Messaging Well Done

Despite whether or not you agree or disagree with the message, the production and final product are examples of excellent storytelling to drive emotionally based...

Right to Vote & Be a Dad

I am super excited when my son Lake will cast his first vote this year. Nearly every primary and general election he's been on my...

michael shoots Walden

We were very fortunate on many levels April 13th. First, we shot and spent the day photographing the very wonderful Jennifer Walden. Jennifer is the...


I delivered a file to Editora Abril, South America’s Largest Publisher and owner of LOLA Magazine. They are featuring  SMOKE “as the place to hear...

summer time dinner party

Summertime to me…. outside dinner parties. And there’s nothing better than hanging out with great friends laughing, talking, and eating around a beautiful table of...

Dig It, A New Team Member

My 8-year-old son was on set with us all day this past Sat in NYC. His role was to keep the music flowing, make sure...

summer light

It’s rare that we have to use any light to work in the studio.  There is just so much of it bouncing around.  With our...

furniture promo

Designer’s Studio has some swag furniture. ###

NEW T’s Popping Up In all 50+

The new BLACK SUN t’s are out and popping up in all 50 states and overseas.  We ran out of the first run in 1...


That's right, William Snyder was/is and will forever be our first BADASS artist


I am delighted to announce an editorial placement in CENT a slick British-based publication offering a unique lifestyle magazine covering art, music, fashion, design, architecture,...

Speechless in Lima

I don’t know exactly what to say.  Fabulous?  This was a good moment to be behind the camera. ###

gervaise gerstner

Along with making new images of Amy Wechsler, I did the same with Gervaise Gerstner a board-certified dermatologist providing care in the same office.  Not...

Pocket Rocket Up-Date

I saw yesterday that one of my favorite little pocket rocket cameras the Panasonic Lumix LX5 is on sale at BH for a ridiculous price...


I’ve had the honor of knowing and being friends with Andy for many years. Around these parts, he could easily be considered the godfather of...


Jesse David Harris is the man. From surfer dude to international model to photographer to filmmaker, this cat can and is doing it all at...

Mount Nittany

In a world full of advertising, it is refreshing to make images of stories of hope, healing, and happiness. Thank you Mount Nittany Health for...


Cone of Silence is one of those bands that just has that magic “IT” factor. Led by powerhouse singer-songwriter Liz Grove, they are well-versed in...


Just because accuweather is down the street, doesn’t guarantee sunny, 90º, and breezy days. But it does afford me the opportunity to produce images of...


Clean Rooms are a whole Next-Level of OCD. And that gets me excited. So I jumped on the opportunity to translate this new state-of-the-art space...

Innovation and then InNEWvation

Very cool on many levels. And this was posted way back in 2012.