Big Stainless

Recently I shot big stainless jacketed kettles and processing equipment that is used primarily in the pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics industries. These kettles can be several hundred gallons large and integral in the manufacturing of make-up, medicines, toothpastes, and cereals to name a few.  The initial request called for fairly straightforward work, but strategic planner Michelle Drager of the Drager Group and art direction from Dave Loose allowed me to interpret the pieces as I saw them.

In the end, Stoner Bunting the agency of record responded best to my free interpretations of shape, form, and shadow. Honestly, these kettles are very sexy and it would be a shame not to exploit that.  Dave in turn let the graphical nature of images drive design which is quite elegant. The image above is one side of a 14-panel piece. This was certainly a win/win/win (photographer/agency/client) scenario.