Hanley Ramirez was our talent for the day.


Honored to receive distinction.

You Can Say It

We never in our wildest dreams imaged that the series would be so popular


Sometimes it’s best to say nothing. Introducing Katia an Italian actress, model, and goddess on a quick US trip for whom I am thankful that...

shoot the ones you love

I don’t think I need to explain anything here except… love who you shoot, and shoot who you love. ###

Johnny Cash Project

Every once in a while I come across some impressive work and I can't say enough


I was recently contracted for a rare and coveted opportunity to shoot images on various SHELL natural gas rigs.

Thinking Outside The Signage

Brilliant. A job well done by ANAR Foundation for allowing thinking outside the box.


Here’s a poster I designed for an entry into the New York International Film Festival [NYCIFF].  This is an original Jesse David Harris film featuring sculpturist...


It’s a no-brainer to help the Jana Marie Foundation by collaborating with them to make a suite of new branding images. Props to Herbert Reininger...

Firing Up The Grill

Even though I grill year-round, this past weekend felt like the inaugural grill weekend.  With a break after nearly 6 straight weeks of rain, the...

Down Time with My Posse

Spent some quality down time with my posse and favorite people in the city where I lived and went to grad school (the first time)...

Somewhere in the DIA

A city with an amazing appreciation and expression of art, despite its current troubles. Hats off to the Detroit Museum of Art a.k.a. DIA for...

Right to Vote & Be a Dad

I am super excited when my son Lake will cast his first vote this year. Nearly every primary and general election he's been on my...

summer time dinner party

Summertime to me…. outside dinner parties. And there’s nothing better than hanging out with great friends laughing, talking, and eating around a beautiful table of...

Speechless in Lima

I don’t know exactly what to say.  Fabulous?  This was a good moment to be behind the camera. ###

Pocket Rocket Up-Date

I saw yesterday that one of my favorite little pocket rocket cameras the Panasonic Lumix LX5 is on sale at BH for a ridiculous price...


Jesse David Harris is the man. From surfer dude to international model to photographer to filmmaker, this cat can and is doing it all at...


Just because accuweather is down the street, doesn’t guarantee sunny, 90º, and breezy days. But it does afford me the opportunity to produce images of...

Innovation and then InNEWvation

Very cool on many levels. And this was posted way back in 2012.