Full disclosure, I am not a senoir portriat photographer. I know many who do this sort of work along with weddings and such as their mainstay. Some do a super nice job. While others seem to miss the mark terribly. With that said, these sort of personal portraits are oportunities to create and preserve a slice of their a subjects in a genuine fashion.

I like to approach these open minded and let the person I am photographing guide the process. The last thing I’d like to do is shoot and repeat the same look, set, lighting, etc. That’s simply groundhog day and although has it’s place and time is not for me.

Yet, these clearly are senoir portraits. Some highschool and some college.

I love collaborating with young men who are in transitional times in their lives from high school or college and making photos together. Partly because this is not their comfort zone, however, when they allow themselves to be the focus it’s really special.

It’s rewarding to put all focus on the person they are and highlighting an aspect of their lives they have devoted so much time to being. In essence this sort of portrait work is a celebration of them in the here and now. Here are a few recent images that received high praise and a Bracket award.