Work Balance

Anyone over let’s say middle age will gladly tell you, “Spend time with you those you love, and do that which fuels your soul.” Truer words were never spoken. And as hard as a day, week, or month can be, I really do love spending time with my family and watching my favorite athlete on the pitch, court, field or whereever tearing it up and having fun. This year as Lake, aka LB12 has one more round of HS soccer and basketball, I’ll be there cheering him and his teammates on, hoping everyone plays to the best of their abilities, remain healthy, and has a ton of fun doing it. And like all other parents I hope they earn as many Ws as possible.

I will miss the long drives, the wet-n-cold days/nights, the dashboard convos, the tears and cheers. But the journey has been terrific. And a few good photos are cherished.

Of all the images above, this last one taken many years ago reminds me how much joy Lake gets from running. And yes, I am biased. The kid is blazing fast.

So for now, I am pulling for the State College Boys Soccer Team, which includes 11 seniors who are currently ranked 3rd in Pennsylvania. Next week begins post-season games in the hunt for the championship. And we all know that means win and move on or lose and go home. What a tremendously fun journey. #GOSTATE